WNBA Draft

Sta Up To date with the latest on the 2013 WNBA Draft

1Phoenix Mercury (7-27), Brittney Griner
2Chicago Sky (14-20), Elena Delle Donne
3Tulsa Shock (9-25), Skylar Diggins
4Washington Mystics (5-29), Tayler Hill
5New York Liberty (15-19), Kelsey Bone
6Seattle Storm (16-18), Tianna Hawkins
7New York Liberty (15-19), Toni Young
8San Antonio Silver Stars (21-13), Kayla Alexander
9Indiana Fever (22-12), Layshia Clarendon
10Los Angeles Sparks (24-10), A'dia Matthies
11Connecticut Sun (25-9), Kelly Faris
12Minnesota Lynx (27-7), Lindsey Moore

1 (13)Atlanta Dream (19-15), Alex Bentley
2 (14)Minnesota Lynx (27-7), Sugar Rodgers
3 (15)New York Liberty (15-19), Kamiko Williams
4 (16)San Antonio Silver Stars (21-13), Davellyn Whyte
5 (17)Washington Mystics (5-29), Nadirah McKenith
6 (18)Seattle Storm (16-18), Chelsea Poppins
7 (19)Washington Mystics (5-29), Emma Meesseman
8 (20)San Antonio Silver Stars (21-13), Diandra Tchatchouang
9 (21)Indiana Fever (22-12), Jasmine Hassell
10 (22)Los Angeles Sparks (24-10), Brittany Chambers
11 (23)Connecticut Sun (25-9), Anna Prins
12 (24)Minnesota Lynx (27-7), Chucky Jeffery
1 (25)Washington Mystics (5-29), Shenneika Smith
2 (26)Phoenix Mercury (7-27), Nikki Greene
3 (27)New York Liberty (15-19), Olcay Cakir
4 (28)Chicago Sky (14-20), Brooklyn Pope
5 (29)Tulsa Shock (9-25), Angel Goodrich
6 (30)Seattle Storm (16-18), Jasmine James
7 (31)Atlanta Dream (19-15), Ann Marie Armstrong
8 (32)San Antonio Silver Stars (21-13), Whitney Hand
9 (33)Indiana Fever (22-12), Jennifer George
10 (34)Los Angeles Sparks (24-10), Alina Iagupova
11 (35)Connecticut Sun (25-9), Andrea Smith
12 (36)Minnesota Lynx (27-7), Waltiea Rolle

Im excited and cant wait till the next time... keep ballin girl, the games not over yet! Coach Sykes


NCAA Womens Championship Game

Sending congratulations to UConn Huskies! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Championship - New Orleans, La.

Im excited and cant wait till the next time... keep ballin girl, the games not over yet! Coach Sykes


Good Luck this Holiday Season!

Many girls basketball teams across the land will be playing in games during the holiday season! I wanted to wish you all the best of luck and hope you all play each game aa if it were your last! Enjoy time with family, friends, teammates and coaches! Ill be keeping track of high school girls basketball, NCAA basketball abd of course the NBA .


Coach Sykes

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Im excited and cant wait till the next time... keep ballin girl, the games not over yet! Coach Sykes

It's Basketball Season!

It's officially Basketball Season! Teams across the land are now able to practice, train, and play scrimmages or pre-season games and regular season games. The NBA has set the tone as the WNBA starts in May, yet Junior High Schools,  High Schools, Junior Colleges, Universities and most Euro leagues begin in the fall. It's an exciting time of year as many have gone through the steps of getting to this point. Whether it was condition, trying out, working on mistakes, building grades or simply making it to the next round the season is here and if you made it, Great! If not don''t quit keep practicing and try again next year.

Okay so you have turned in your physical, you have officially made the team, you have a minimum of a 2.0 gpa, and you can now focus on a new venture. OFFICIAL PRACTICE. Practice now has a different tone. You are learning plays, new drills, and learning game situations. You probably have played some 5 on 5 before but now you are learning the coaches way of leading your team to winning some games, if not all.

This is the time you find out where you fit on the team and how the coaching staff will utilize you. This is the time where you ask questions, step up and be involved in drills, go hard, and work towards getting a chance to play in a game this season. This is the time that coaches look at your attitude, your improvement and your skill development for your position. Here are a few tips that will help you get on the court this season.

1. Practice like you're in a real game. You want to go hard in practice so that playing in a game is simple not matter the competition level. If you are lazy in practice it will show in your games and the struggles you may run into. If you set your mind to play like your playing against the toughest teams or players you will not only make yourself better but your teammates better as well.

2. First in Last Out. Begin coming to practice earlier and be on the floor shooting, warming up, stretching, jump roping etc to get. You don't want to rush into practice without warming up, working on things on your own and just getting the mindset early to have a great practice.  The same with rushing in, you don't want to be the first person rushing out the door. Stay a while longer, shoot around some more, go over in your head or even with your coach or teammates what you just learned in practice. There is nothing better than extra practice and If all your doing is running home to watch some tv then you need to rethink your commitment to becoming a better athlete.

3. Have leader qualities. If you showcase qualities of being a leader your coaching staff and teammates will recognize that and will be in your best interest to have you on the court because you are a motivator, work hard, and push your teammates to be better. Please take note that I am not trying to get you to be "better"than anyone or "bossy". I mean reminding your teammates to not talk while the coach is talking, or clapping for all your teammates, saying "Great Job ladies"and being a vocal presence on the court. Work hard in all the drills, hustle, hustle hustle ( Coaches really love hustlers! )

4. Have FUN!! Through this all you want to enjoy the game. Have fun! Give your teammates high fives, smile, be happy even while losing encourage your teammates to keep trying down to the last second. People will recognize our enthusiasm and support for your team.

These tips are just a few ways to get your coaching staff and teammates to notice your excitement for the game and it will become contagious. It's time to play ball and you can work your positive magic and enjoy this beautiful game of basketball.

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Im excited and cant wait till the next time... keep ballin girl, the games not over yet! Coach Sykes